Who are we

Our Design Studio began in 2007 and we are based in Newport Pagnell, just outside of the 'new city' of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.

We confidently believe that we are more than just another website design and application development company.  Our aim is to provide custom design and bespoke development services for organisations of any size, whether you are a new start-up or small businesses right through to the large corporations.

If you are looking to take your brand to the next level, or launch a campaign that generates revenue, please feel free to contact us to learn more.

What we do

We are proficient in creating unique, bespoke designs with just the right impact; we craft elegant user experiences, produce interactive marketing campaigns with measurable results, and build web applications that work seamlessly and effortlessly.

Looking for a unique online presence?
Looking for a custom built online application?
Looking for a bespoke UI/UX design?

That’s exactly what we do... We specialise in providing all of these unique products to our clients!

Why use us

Because we are damn good at what we do!

What more can we say!

UI/UX Design

UI / UX = User Interface / User Experience

UX Design

UX design focuses on the interactive side of the website or application, how the user engages with interactive elements and how the website or application sends feedback to the user, like a sliding notification.

Key Points:

Interaction Design

Wireframes & Prototypes

Information Architect

User Research


UI Design

UI design is how the page is physically laid out, where elements are placed and presentation of your brand, typography and colour scheme. UI is responsible for the creative and visual design of the website or application.

Key Points:

Visual Design

Branding & Colour Scheme

Graphic Designer

Layouts & Placement

Typography Selection

UI/UX Together

Even though there is a big difference in the roles a UI and UX developer fulfil, they work very closely together, a UI designer should understand the work performed by a UX designer and vice-versa.

A UI and UX designer must work together to achieve a truly usable product that looks good but also portrays the needs of the business while catering to the needs of the user.

A great product will be achieved through the cooperation of all team members.

Final Product

The difference between UI and UX design is still largely misunderstood and much is still needed to be done to raise the awareness of the difference and their importance in producing a quality product.

Variation Design have the experience and skills to deliver a product that works for you and is fun, engaging and easy to use for your users.

Whether you're after a custom website or a bespoke online application or mobile app, we are the right Company for you!

Unique and Responsive

All our work looks stunning on any device

Responsive design is now more important than ever, with the increase in websites being accessed more and more by mobiles and tablets, your website must display well on all devices and screen sizes. Here at Various Design all websites and online applications are built in a responsive manner and thoroughly tested on multiple devices and screen sizes.

Responsive Design 1
Responsive Design 2

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